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So…Here’s the SCOOP!


From inception to creation, The A List Pop-Up Shops℠ was created based on a love of the hunt.  It seemed that no matter where I went, I was repeatedly being asked “What are your wearing?” and “Where did you get it?”  With that,  The A List Pop-Up Shops℠ was formed to spotlight the designers and brands I discover and connect them with the others who will enjoy their new discoveries as much as I do. The A List Pop-Up Shops℠  is a series of curated collectives designed to explore, connect and shop. We offer an exclusive series of 6-8 curated events annually for you  — the modern, curious, fashionable woman. We strongly believe in the products we sell. We’re also interested in the people behind the things we buy and in sharing those stories with you. We spotlight not only emerging designers but also established brands that are not readily found in smaller retail fashion markets.  Take the chance to browse leisurely or pop-in quickly – I hope you experience the feeling of stumbling across the perfect find over and over again.